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cervical cancer
Stock image of a woman in blue scarf in the foreground and a group of people in the background pointing to her

"Its Time For Film Characters That Survive Cancer!"

Cancer stigmas are often barriers for seeking diagnosis, as well as treatment and rehabilitation. Shubha Maudgal and...
image of a stethoscope and a gloved hand holding a bottle marked hpv vaccine

Guard Yourself from HPV-related Warts and Cancers

Dr Gayatri Deshpande, senior gynaecologist, cautions against infection of the Human papillomavirus (HPV) transmitted...
Dr. Sarita Bhalerao speaking at the CPAA UICC Cervical Cancer symposium

India has 1 in 4 of Global Cervical Cancer Cases

On World Cancer Day, CPAA along with UICC held a mini symposium to address the 2nd most common cancer in India;...

Cervical Cancer Screening and diagnosis do not occur in the same facility

"Women are referred to a gynaecologist at a higher facility; this is a major reason for loss to follow-up".  Dr....