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pancreatic cancer
A couple, a woman on a wheel chair with a man standing attentively next to her, both looking into the woods with the sun streaming through

We Lost the Soul of Our Family to Cancer

It has been almost three years since his wife passed away, but the void is hard to reconcile. In an emotional piece,...
Image indicates a caregiver holding the hand of an older person

Life Lesson I Learnt Watching my Papa Die

We prepare ourselves for everything, but most of us are in denial about death. Aparna Das shares the one final lesson...
Image: Philip and Kaye eating a meal together before his Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis

When Cancer Does not Bring to Mind Mortality

Philip Jacob, 72, who has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and has been under treatment since October 2017, demystifies life’s...

Connected by the thread of pain and love

Breast cancer survivor and founder of RACE to rein-in-cancer, Rita Banik talks about how cancer changed her life...
Image shows herbs and a mortar and pestle

Ayurvedic doctor kept her out of pain

A husband recalls his wife’s losing battle with pancreatic cancer. He shares his experience and his advice for ...