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Stock pic of a woman in a white t-shirt and black pants holding a flare up in her abdomen area demonstrating PCOS

PCOS Motivated Me To Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

Tara Sharma* 23 is a Delhi-based young woman who shares her experiences of trying to tackle Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (...
Divya Parashar as she looks today

It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work To Keep The Kilos Away

Dr Divya Parashar, Head of Rehabilitation Psychology, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi, shares about her own...
stock pic that says Behcet Syndrome and shows medical supplies

Each Appearance Of An Oral Ulcer Gives Me A Panic Attack

MHR, as she prefers to be referred to as, has been battling Behcet’s Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease for the last...